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Welcome to Performance Horse Complementary Medicine Services, PLLC. My goal is to utilize complementary veterinary medicine to help your horse perform to full potential. As an equine veterinarian, I understand how these complementary therapies are best utilized in conjunction with conventional veterinary medicine to achieve optimum health for your horse.

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  • Caring for Your Horse

    Horse owners form a special bond with their horses, but this close connection comes with the responsibility of caring for your equine companion throughout its life. This means taking care of your horse every day throughout the year, come rain or shine. If you do this well, your horse can live up to 35 ...

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  • Preventing the Chance of Equine Choke

    Is your horse a speedy eater? These tips will help reduce the risk of equine choke. ...

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  • Cushing's Disease (PPID)

    Cushing’s disease (also known as pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction, or PPID) is the most common disease affecting the endocrine system of horses. This group of glands produces hormones that help keep the body in balance. With Cushing’s disease, an imbalance of these hormones causes several symptoms, ...

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